KONOTOKI Information on data transfer
from "Happy Stork"



"KONOTOKI" is a high function version
of "Happy Stork" .
In addition to the basic functions of
"Happy Stork", the app provides
all functions including
more detailed
physical condition record management
and advice on trying to conceive,
free of charge.

Data transfer

Data transfer

The period information
and basal body temperature information
you registered on "Happy Stork"
can be transferred to "KONOTOKI".
The data transferred
from "Happy Stork" can be
viewed, edited, and output on "KONOTOKI".
Besides, the data still remains
on "Happy Stork"
even after the data is transferred.

Data transfer method

Data transfer is very simple!
All you have to do is gain
a restoration code for "Happy Stork"
and input it in "KONOTOKI" .

STEP.1 Gain the recovery code
for "Happy Stork".

Tap [Data Recovery] at [Setting]
in the bottom menu
on "Happy Stork" .

Please take down
the 13-digit figure
displayed at [Your recovery code].

You can copy the number
by holding it down.

STEP.2 Install "KONOTOKI".

Please download "KONOTOKI"
from an app store and install it.

STEP.3 Transfer data
from "Happy Stork"

and tap
[Transfer data from Happy Stork and start].

Input the recovery code
for "Happy Stork"
and tap the
[Transfer data from Happy Stork] button.

You can paste the copied code
by holding down the input field.

Tap [Yes]
on the confirmation dialogue screen.

The data transfer
will be completed after a while.
Please tap the [OK] button.

It sometimes takes time
to transfer the data, depending
on the communication environment
and the registered data volume.
In case the data transfer is
not completed after a while,
please close the app and operate it again.

Select the language
and tap the [Next] button.

Tap the [Next] button.

Data transfer is available
only on the women’s version.
If you are using the men’s version,
please newly install "KONOTOKI"
and start it.

Select the record mode
and tap the [Next] button

The record mode can be changed later.

Select your favorite theme color
and tap the [Complete] button.

Now the data transfer is completed!
Now that "KONOTOKI"
is ready for use, get started.

Points for data transfer

  • Those who are connecting with your partner on "Happy Stork"
    After the data is transferred to "KONOTOKI" , please connect with your partner again. You can use the app with your partner as before.
  • Those who are using the men’s version
    Data transfer is available only on the women’s version. If you are using the men’s version, please newly install "KONOTOKI" and connect with your partner before use.
  • Those who newly installed "KONOTOKI" and are already using it
    When you newly installed "KONOTOKI" and are using it, you cannot transfer the data from "Happy Stork" . You first need to reinstall "KONOTOKI" and operate to transfer the data. Please note that the data you were using on "KONOTOKI" before data transfer will not be saved on the app.
  • After data transfer
    The information you have registered/updated on "Happy Stork" after data transfer will not be reflected on "KONOTOKI" . After data transfer, please register/update the information on "KONOTOKI" .

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